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Become a Lyoness Associate Partner and generate income for you and your family.

Tired of a dead end job or all those mounting monthly bills piling up on your desk?
We have a revotunary program that can help. It's called Lyoness and is about to explode in growth in the US. Jump in now and capitalize on the programs strengthgs which include:

Free Cashback Rewards Program for Lyoness users

It was launched successfully in Europe just now expanding into the US market

Cashback on every purchase at places like Walmart, Lowes, BP, Olive Garden, Longhorn and Carrabbas and many other fine restaurants

Recruiting 23,000 Premium associate Partners in US (3500 already in place)

Partners Sign up merchants to run as their own loyalty program

Each member that a merchant signs up, the merchant receives a percentage of each sale the consumer makes at places like Walmart, Lowes, BP, Olive Garden

The US launch is in Phase 2 to recruit partners and merchants. Once we reach 23,000 partners we'll move into Phase 3.

In Phase 3 the company will launch a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, with a goal or recruiting over ten million card users.

The 10 million new users will be evenly divided into the 23,000 partners, so that any purchase that the users make, a percentage of each sale will be awarded to the partner.

If you are interested in earning an income by promoting this new revolutionary rewards and loyalty program, call us at 888.696.2800, email us at or explore TODAY to learn more!

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